Angel Policy

Angel Policy

Emadam - Because I Love Paper allows individuals who use the copyrighted stamp motifs for their handmade and individual cards and other creations to sell them.

Emadam - Because I love Paper grants a limited license to use the in-house designs for products made for sale under the following conditions:

Any product intended for sale must be handmade by the person who purchased the stamp from or one of the sales partners. The motifs may not be electronically, graphically or mechanically manipulated in any form. This means, among other things, scanning, photocopying, printing or scanning are forbidden. Each piece must also include personal effort, it‘s not allowed to sell only the motive. It has to be part of an own creation, which is extended with color, collage, additional stamp motifs, stamped parts, etc.

The exchange and transfer of stamp imprints with the intention of use of a person other than the owner of the stamp is prohibited.
A mass production which involves a production by employees or a combination of private persons as seller is also prohibited.

The stamp motifs may not be used for the purpose of designing logos, watermarks or promotional material.

When selling handmade products, the seller must state clearly that it is one of his own handmade products and not Emadam products - Because I love Paper.