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Journal - Big Golden Cat

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3-6 days 3-6 days (abroad may vary)
4 pieces
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    12,95 EUR
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    Journal - Big Golden Cat

    Every notebook front is decorated with a refinement made of golden or silvercolored foil.
    It's an handmade procedure and every piece of foil reacts diffent to this process.
    This results in very unique strukctures, surfaces and effects. Every notebook is a unique handmade one.

    Every notebook has 30 sheets of a slightly yellowish paper, that are 60 pages at all.
    The cover is made of colored cardboard (300g/m²). And it has a traditional 3-hole-stitching.
    The dimensions are about 148 mm x 210 mm.

    Every notebook has two rounded corners.

    This sale is for one notebook.
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