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Calendar, everlasting - Logbook, circle date

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8,95 EUR
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Calendar, everlasting - Logbook, circle date

You can start the "LOGBOOK" every day of a year.

The cover is designed in a green-grayish used-look.
The content paper is made out of a slightly thicker recyclingpaper.
It has a nice white and there a a few inclusions.
It's perfect for writing!

There are 55 pages with the date circle.
On the first page you can write down the time span when you started
and finished the "LOGBOOK". And there is also a small definition
of "journey" - because life is like a journey.

Every "LOGBOOK" comes with a sheet of ruled paper to help
you keeping your writing straight if you want to write something down.
Except the date circle all pages are blank and you can decide if you
want to draw, write, make some lettering, calligraphy or collages on the sites.
There is no ruling that would stop you from doing so!

The "LOGBOOK" comes in two sizes:
21 x 14,8 cm
21 x 11 cm.
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