Rubber stamp - Months

Rubber stamp - Months

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This product is compatible with (for example):

Rubber stamp - Month line, Stempel - Monatslinie, planer stempel, stempel zyklus, immerwährender stempel, perpetual stempel, datum stempel, date stamp, habit tracker stempel, habit stempel, tracker stempel, journal stempel, stempel monatsübbersicht, ewige
Rubber stamp - Calendar, month line, horizontal
Motif size approx. 109 x 2 mm
from 10,95 EUR

This product is similar to:

rubber stamp monts numbers 4 mm grid

Rubber stamp - Calendar, Month numbers, vertical, perfect for 0.4 grids

Size is about 3 x 122 mm.


from 9,99 EUR
Size is about 11 x 22 mm
from 3,95 EUR

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Size is about 22,7 x 22,7 mm.

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